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Used Fryer Oil Disposal

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Press one button and the used fryer oil is pumped directly into your Used Fryer Oil Holding tank. Once full, a specialized truck will drain the tank and start your fryer oil on its way to being 100% recycled. Preferred Oil is a proud to exclusively use Mahoney Environmental for Used Fryer Oil Collection and Disposal. From day one, Mahoney Environmental has set the industry standard of operational excellence in used fryer oil collection and recycling.

Mahoney offers reliable, scheduled service and provides full accountability about the quantity and value of the used fryer oil collected. They understand the importance of making sure you can empty your used fryer oil whenever you need to.

Mahoney also pioneered Used fryer Oil disposal at the push of a button. What could be safer, simpler, or cleaner than that? This technology was the forerunner for every Preferred Oil System.

Hot used fryer oil is pumped directly from the fryer into the Used Fryer Oil tank, positioned either inside your restaurant or outside in its own storage compartment.

The advantages are practically too numerous to mention. No more hot oil burns or slipping, either by employees or customers. No more workers' comp or insurance claims for those types of accidents. No more cleanup of grill buckets or the shortening shuttle. No more danger from exiting the building to dispose of used fryer oil. No more smell or mess from an old grease container.

Additionally, fryer oil that's disposed into the Used Fryer Oil tank also has greater recycling value. And without the hassle of dealing with hot used fryer oil, not surprisingly, employee retention improves.

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