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Using the Preferred Oil Closed Loop Oil System will also benefit the environment. All oils collected are 100% recycled and the product never leaves our control. We maintain all the required EPA, local and regional endorsements so that you can be secure in the knowledge calculate green impact button that you are environmentally responsible.

Additionally, this system eliminates the plastic and cardboard packaging waste associated with jugs-in-a-box. When you're cooking with Preferred Oil, You're Cooking Clean and Green!

Preferred Oil's affiliate, Mahoney Environmental, is dedicated to the environment by recycling used fryer oil, grease trap material and other waste products into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new everyday products such as soap, feed additives or alternative fuels. In order to assure you that the material collected from your establishment not only meets, but exceeds the standards set by the Department of Agriculture and the EPA, Mahoney will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance. You can show your pride, and compliance with state and local codes, by displaying this certificate to let others know you care about the environment.

Mahoney Environmental is a licensed EPA recycler that has been in business since 1953. At our facilities we are able to recycle nearly 100% of the materials we process. Mahoney's goal is to be the Premier Back of the House Service Provider for thousands of different customers -- from global, national and regional chains to independent restaurants throughout the United States.

Visit the Mahoney Environmental website for more information.

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